The new generation of direct marketing

Let’s face it, our world is now on a digital highway and there’s no looking back. Never before has it been so possible to track and understand our customers from their on-line activity. How many times do you find targeted sponsored content popping up on your Facebook, IG or Twitter feeds. We know that 87% of customers rate mail as believable compared with only 48% via email* So how can you harness the power of the post and still compete with the instant hit of programmatic marketing? The answer is Hurdlgram.

A Hurdlgram is an inspired little marketing message that has been designed to give your customers something physical not virtual, but it contains exactly what they’ve been thinking about, clever…we know!!!

How does the HurdlGram work?  

For Hurdlgrams to work we do need a postal address, as the whole point is to post out hard copy – not an email, not sponsored content, so we will need for your customers to have at least inputted their personal contact details. But then within 72 hours from them popping in store or browsing your site, and the biggie – abandoning their baskets, they could be getting a personalised Hurdlgram with a unique and tempting offer, it’s like you’ve read their minds!

*The Value of Mail in Uncertain Times, Royal Mail MarketResearch August 2017


Just follow our easy-to-follow user guide and you’ll have the perfect HurdlGram ready to go in no time.

HurdlGram User Guide 

Getting your message into the hands of potential customers has never been easier with our simple, easy-to-follow Guide to creating your very own, personalised HurdlGram.

The HurdlGram has been invented to allow you to send a targeted marketing message, delivered straight into the hands of your potential and existing customers. You send us the copy, choose your artwork and we do the rest. The templates are clean and crisp, the technology clever and effective.